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KURASEP Nitrogen Gas Generator

The Advantages of KURASEP PSA System
  • On-site generation of low cost nitrogen. It provides nitrogen with the advantages of local control and without the high cost of cylinders and bulk gas deliveries.
  • High performance CMS yields significant energy savings by lower water air consumption.
  • Nitrogen purity and capacity can be selected for your specific needs; Dew points at atmospheric pressure is -60C and below.
  • Simple mechanism and compact design; Fully automated unattended operation.
  • Efficient turndown system (option) to match your nitrogen demand.

Applications for KURASEP
  • Chemical Processing
    Purging of tanks and vessels, pressure testing of piping systems, inerting of storage tanks and vessels.
  • Metallurgical Heat Treatment
    Inert atmospheres for heat treating; ferrous and non-ferrous annealing.
  • Food Processing and Storage
    Filling gas for food packaging, controlled atmospheres for the storage and transport of fruit.
  • Paints and Coatings
    Purging to prevent polymerization of drying oils, packaging.
  • Rubber
    Packaging and preserving, manufacture of tires.
  • Pharmaceuticals
    Blanketing product vessels, transferring chemicals, packaging.
  • Material Handling and Storage
    Prevention of dust explosions in soils and bins, transporting of pellets and powders.

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